author Markus Schaber <markus@pep-security.net>
Sun, 21 Aug 2016 02:05:16 +0200
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First steps to support sending of pgp/mime messages in outlook:
- Add a native helper assembly (mixed mode / C++/CLI) to call MAPI functions.
- Use the new overload to actually get pgp/mime messages (currently hardcoded,
its early debug code)

Using a branch, as the changes need to be analyzed whether they're correct and
really applicable.

We currently need the "Office 2010 Developer Resources" installed in C:\
(top level). I'll see later whether the normal mapi.h is enough, but it gives
some compile errors for now, so we use what works for others for now.
     1 syntax: glob
     3 bin
     4 obj
     5 *.orig
     6 *~
     7 Thumbs.db
     8 *.user
    10 pEpForOutlookNativeHelper/Debug
    11 pEpForOutlookNativeHelper/x64