Commit a24e6e81 authored by Francisco Cunha's avatar Francisco Cunha Committed by Hussein

P4A-466 - Fix PEpStatusRendererBuilder injection

parent 285f56ad
......@@ -18,21 +18,19 @@ class PEpStatusRendererBuilder @Inject constructor(
private val unsecureRenderer: PEpStatusUnsecureRenderer
) : RendererBuilder<PEpIdentity>() {
lateinit var resetClickListener: PEpStatusRendererBuilder.ResetClickListener
private lateinit var handshakeResultListener: PEpStatusRendererBuilder.HandshakeResultListener
lateinit var resetClickListener: ResetClickListener
private lateinit var handshakeResultListener: HandshakeResultListener
private lateinit var myself: String
init {
val prototypes = getPepIdentityRendererTypes()
fun setUp(resetClickListener: ResetClickListener,
handshakeResultListener: HandshakeResultListener,
myself: String) {
this.resetClickListener = resetClickListener
this.myself = myself
this.handshakeResultListener = handshakeResultListener
val prototypes = getPepIdentityRendererTypes()
// 24/02/2020: Since values for red color are never returned from engine, we do not need a renderer for red communication channels.
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