Commit 8b90ec31 authored by Marcel Schneider's avatar Marcel Schneider
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Versions for 1.1.116.

parent 71cd2ba9
pEpEngine @ 5fe3b77b
Subproject commit ced26c45fb48ba514e97ad1fb28da415c854e1eb
Subproject commit 5fe3b77bc1718c1c24610978e1f703ceaf1db219
pEpForThunderbird @ e3cfe26b
Subproject commit e8705d7e1964639cf9df73bb414f867ee710af53
Subproject commit e3cfe26b2ab786b5863db14804f10585c4f87940
Subproject commit cd3d5449dd4e34ad64b6061a8faa6018b5b97a2c
Subproject commit 2fa463bacfff79181df1a5270fb67cc679a53e71
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