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      Performance improvement for unsecure recipients removal process (OUT-897) when... · 08b29c9d
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      Performance improvement for unsecure recipients removal process (OUT-897) when "Remove All" button is clicked from the red warning message.
      - Removing a large number of recipients was slow and was causing a noticeable flickering in the GUI when refreshing  the To/CC/BCC fields in the compose, reply and forward windows.
      - Sometimes recipients were being successfully removed and sometimes not. This was caused by keeping Outlook COM objects collections (Lists) which it is not recommended because it
         introduces overhead since Outlook items in a collection are being updated constantly every time To/CC/BCC fields are updated. Also recipient objects stored in a list are getting obsolete
         and calling any properties or methods in the GetRecipientsAsStrings function could lead to random COM exceptions.
      - GetRecipientsAsStrings function removed as it is no longer used.
      Implemented a new faster solution for removing unsecure recipients without causing GUI flickering. Basically it consists on:
      - Setting the To/CC/BCC fields directly instead of iterate over a loop and remove recipients one by one.
      - Replacing Outlook COM objects collections and  keeping a list of e-mail addresses or display names instead.
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      Release v1.1.268 · 3c12aaf7
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      Includes the following changes:
      - Key IsDPEEnabled is not saved automatically in the Windows registry on application exit or when "OK" button is clicked on the pEp Options UI.
        The key is no longer created because it is a beta feature that it is not finished yet.
         It needs to be saved automatically again once this feature is finished implementing.
      - Added new tag to languages resource files and also translated into German: PrivacyStatus_WarningMsgButtonText
         English string: Remove All
         German string: Alle entfernen
        This text is used for the button shown in the red warning message when unsecure recipients exist (those we don't have their public keys)
      - OUT-907: Resolved problem related to the red warning message height. Height was too big. Now the red warning message displays the first
         three lines. If message exceeds the three lines then a vertical scrollbar appears when there is no space available for all the lines. Likewise, if there
         are enough space available to show all the lines, then the vertical scrollbar disappears, it is hidden. Also It has been implemented some code to make the
         red warning message to be shown with the correct height just in case it was necessary. A scaleFactor is calculated and then applied to the red warning
         message height on task pane creation.
      - OUT-922: Receiving a large string in the subject message. Fixed use case when IsPEPFolderVisible was being set to False.
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      Fix for privacy status bar which was being shown in some situations and it... · f3b5bf13
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      Fix for privacy status bar which was being shown in some situations and it shouldn't, for example, it was being shown for messages within "Sent Items" folder even if the privacy status bar was disabled in the Windows registry (IsPrivacyStatusBarEnabled = False).
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      Changes introduced: · 1168c0dc
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      - OUT-917: Create a new setting IsDeviceGroupingEnabled in Windows registry for enabling/Disabling the adding of a new device to the synch group. It works as below:
           - IsDeviceGroupingEnabled = True --> pEp Sync popup window is shown to the user when it is detected that an account is
             configured in more than one device so user can confirm trustwords and synchronize devices. Sync group will be created.
           - IsDeviceGroupingEnabled = False --> pEp Sync popup window will not be shown anymore so user cannot create a sync group
             and add new devices to it.
      - English and German languages resource files updated. Added two new tags and remove one tag.
           - Add new tag: Notifications_AccountResetAlt
           - Add new tag: PrivacyStatus_RatingUnencryptedForUnsecureTransmissionText
           - Removed tag: Options_ResetOwnIdentity
      - OUT-897: Implemented "Remove All" button within privacy status bar for removing all unsecure recipients at once on composing, forwarding and replying actions. Also implemented red warning message to show unsecure recipients.
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      OUT-898: "As a company employee I want to be always indicated when I´m... · b052b7cf
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      OUT-898: "As a company employee I want to be always indicated when I´m receiving or composing an Unsecure e-mail"
      This implies the following:
      - There is an icon to indicate the Unsecure state (solid red triangle)
      - The subtitle for the icon is changed from ¨p≡p¨ to ¨Transmission¨
      - Transmission text is always in every state as subtitle.
      Also following tasks have been implemented:
      - Correctnesses when releasing the COM objects from memory. Now we check if it is a COM object before releasing it.
      - Change application version to in project properties and assembly info.
      - Resources files: Update text for tag "Options_ResetAllOwnKeys" from "Reset all accounts" to "Reset Security" and removed tag "Options_ResetOwnIdentity". Finally created new tag for pEp group called "Ribbon_GroupPEPLabel" and translated into German.
      - Hide pEp tutorial from Outlook startup and corrected the issue that was causing one more finish button to appear duplicated in the last screen of the tutorial.
      - Make not visible privacy status button in compose window in case of there are no recipients specified yet.
      - Toggle between normal privacy status button and split button. Split button is not shown in user mode (IsSettingsVisible = False), instead it is shown only in admin mode (IsSettingsVisible=True). Normal privacy status button (normal one, not split button) is only show in user mode.
      - Since we are not showing the split button to the user which contains a menu with toggle buttons for performing disable protection, force protection, enable protection and store protection actions, user cannot perform these actions. All these actions are not visible to the user.
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